Karissa Hamilton

Therapist Intern

Karissa Hamilton is a therapist intern pursuing a Master of Arts degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling at Northwestern University, and she holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in psychology from Bates College.

Karissa currently works with adults age 18 and over, in person and via telehealth, and she is delighted to be accepting new clients. She works with clients who experience relational dysfunction, intimacy avoidance, codependency, addiction, personal, and generational trauma, and life transition.  

The work begins with listening without judgement, and may include: the uncovering of unconscious patterns and motivations; reframing limiting beliefs; identifying attachment wounds; processing trauma. Healing may take the form of strengthened self-definition, value and action alignment, and an increased capacity for intimacy. Clients learn to make intentional choices aligned with their authentic selves in support of individual wellness goals.

Karissa believes healing occurs within relationship; and the foundation of the counseling relationship is collaboration, curiosity, respect for the whole person and their inherent right to live fully, in safety, dignity, and joyful authenticity.

When not in school or in the office, Karissa can be found catching up with friends while supporting a small local business, planning her next family beach vacation, learning a new country line dance, baking something in puff pastry, sleuthing the latest true crime case, or binge-watching a trending Netflix series.

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