Are you successful but still feeling unfulfilled?

Career coaching for executives provides the safe space you need to find professional structure that empowers your confidence, growth and leadership in your career. Whether you’re content in your current role and hoping to learn new skills, or looking toward your next professional move, targeted support from our team can help you get there without delay.

One-on-one career coaching for professionals uses strategy, approaches and tools to help you create the balance you need to show up with passion and create the positive impact you crave.

Career coaching can help

Career coaching is different than “traditional” counseling or therapy because the process is focused on measurable progress. Instead of focusing on therapeutic work that’s healing to the individual, executive coaching creates space and time for you to access your professional confidence through the process we cultivate together.

You’ll use this time to build new skills and hone existing ones that will move you toward effective and intentional change. We’ll use targeted mentorship, solution focused support and opportunities to engage in a variety of leadership and organizational dynamic approaches to ensure you thrive.

When you need some extra support in the office, turn to the experts in career coaching for professionals and executives.

Career coaching for professionals and executives can help you

Identify your goals and priorities to best suit your needs

Improve leadership and management skills

Set boundaries on your time and energy

Optimize engagement in your development at every step

Build self-awareness of strengths and weaknesses

Build new routes to access the skills you already possess

Unlock your potential for effective excellence with career coaching today.


To show up for yourself, your colleagues, and your loved ones?

To feel discomfort?

To receive the support you deserve?


How is this any different?

What should I expect from my executive coach?

Create a rewarding ripple effect

It feels overwhelming to figure out where to begin to create the effective change you want in your life. Separating your work self from your home self while making meaningful change in both may feel unattainable. Executive coaching for corporate wellness is designed to combat the dissonance of compartmentalization so you can minimize the overwhelm and maximize the benefit.

Through the use of incremental goal setting and regular check-ins on progress or developing changes, we will begin to create little ripples in your life. Intentional use of energy and process in one area will create more effective processes that ripple out into other areas of your life so that the rewards you’re working toward can show up everywhere. Career coaching encourages you to look toward the future while creating meaningful change through action you can take right now.


Begin Career Coaching  in Chicago Today!

Your time is valuable and you’re already running short on it. You may feel like you don’t have time to add yet another thing to your busy schedule. Adding career coaching to your calendar is an effective way to maximize your time now to free up more space in your schedule along the way. We respect your time and make meaningful use of every minute we have together.

Your ideal coaching relationship will honor that expertise while inviting you to explore your needs and goals from a new perspective.

Our Executive Coaches

Kate Kelley Schneider

Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor

West Loop
Arlington Heights
Lincoln Park

Aaron Graham

Licensed Professional Counselor

West Loop

Elizabeth Miller

Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor

Virtual Only

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We offer customized workshops for your office or private event anywhere in Chicago or online. Common topics Pure Heath Center is asked to present include:

Stress Management and Avoiding Burnout

In today's fast-paced educational or corporate landscape, stress and burnout have become prevalent challenges. Our stress management programs equip employees and educators with practical strategies to effectively manage stress, prevent burnout, and cultivate resilience. Through interactive sessions, participants will learn techniques to prioritize self-care, establish healthy work-life boundaries, and maintain peak performance even in demanding environments.

Increasing Self Esteem and Self Care

Confident and empowered employees are more engaged, innovative, and resilient. Our self-esteem and self-care programs focus on boosting individuals' confidence, enhancing self-image, and promoting a positive mindset. Through interactive exercises and transformative workshops, participants develop self-compassion, prioritize self-care, and build a foundation of self-belief that fuels personal and professional growth.

Mindfulness and Meditation

In a world filled with distractions, cultivating mindfulness has become essential for well-being and productivity. Our mindfulness and meditation sessions offer practical techniques to cultivate present-moment awareness, reduce stress, and enhance focus and clarity. From guided meditation practices to mindfulness exercises, participants will learn to harness the power of the present moment, leading to improved decision-making, increased creativity, and enhanced overall well-being.

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