Human Connection is one of the biggest healers.

Pure Health is elated to offer Group Therapy sessions out of our Roscoe Village office and Virtually.

Group therapy is a wonderful way to connect with others, build skills to support with challenges, and discuss difficulties that varioius concerns present in one’s day to day. Our groups are led by licensed clinicians who are there to support with growth and development.

Current Groups:

Complex Trauma Support Group

Group Information

6pm-7:15pm, Thursdays for 6 weeks starting June 6th


$40 per session

Group objectives
  • Provide space to process and explore how Complex Trauma impacts day-to-day life
  • Explore and discuss how Complex Trauma impacts our brains and holds itself in our bodies
  • Learn and practice regulation skills to manage trauma responses
  • Discuss strategies for setting healthy boundaries with others to support recovery
  • Connect with others to support and encourage healing

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