3 Ways to Celebrate Father’s Day At Any Age

It’s that time of year again! That time in the summer when families get together to celebrate Father’s day. You can show love and appreciation for the important men in your life all year long, but this is the designated day to go all out!

The celebration of this day can look different for everyone. Some people may only celebrate their father or use the day to bring the family together in his honor. Others may include their stepfather, spouse, father-in-law, uncles, brothers, and role models in their festivities.

No matter who you celebrate, Father’s Day marks an important passage of time. When celebrations with aging parents or grandparents reminds you that they’re not getting any younger and neither are you, your celebrations may change shape. In that case, it’s important to modify these celebration ideas for your family to ensure everyone of all ages can celebrate.

If you’re unsure of what to do, consider the ideas compiled in this blog. At Pure Health Center, we view this celebration as a time for fun, togetherness, and enhancing family relationships.

#1: Be Active on Father’s Day

Our physical condition and behaviors can impact our minds. Likewise, our mental state can influence our behaviors and bodily health. On Father’s Day, encourage the special man or men in your life to prioritize physical fitness. Get the entire family involved and together, try:

  • Walking, jogging, or bicycling
  • Yoga or Tai Chi
  • Dancing or swimming
  • Playing tennis, basketball, or another sport

Being physically active together enables everyone to share quality time, strengthening family relationships. Likewise, it’s a chance for everyone to show their father or father figure they care about his bodily health.

#2: Participate in the Honoree’s Favorite Hobbies

When staying active on Father’s Day, be sure to do things the person you’re celebrating wants to do! If he loves cooking, make some of his favorite meals with him. If he enjoys gardening or working with his hands, dedicate the day to doing those things. A part of celebrating him means celebrating the things he enjoys.

Modify How You Engage in His Passions According to His Health

At Pure Health Center, we’re dedicated to helping people improve their self-esteem, courage, confidence, and peace of mind—outcomes that can result from successful individual and couples counseling. Adolescents and teenagers are often encouraged to build these qualities, and it’s essential we encourage older adults to do the same.

If your father, grandfather, or another gentleman you love is in his golden years, try modifying your Father’s Day activities to ensure they’ll boost his self-esteem and morale. Perhaps he’s undergoing cognitive decline or memory loss as he ages. Maybe he’s not physically able to do some of the things he used to do. If the man you’re celebrating this Father’s Day loved woodworking and building things but isn’t able to do so anymore, you can still celebrate this interest. Try watching a show about building or renovating houses and other properties. Whatever your father enjoyed doing in the past, see if there’s an adapted version of that activity that makes him feel good.

#3: Build Stronger Family Relationships

Keep your celebrations focused on the fathers in your family by talking with them and about them. Dedicate time to talking to the honoree about his life and anything he’s comfortable sharing. Consider discussing topics like:

  • His family tree. Try tracing your father’s family tree as you’re able. Learning more about his family’s cultural heritage and past can help you feel more connected to your past family members and strengthen your family relationships with your present loved ones. This can be a learning experience of love.
  • His favorite memories. Ask your father or father figure to discuss some life experiences. Allowing him to share parts of himself this way permits everyone to learn more about him. You can find out what life moments matter most to him and become closer to him. And he’ll probably appreciate having everyone’s full attention.
  • Everyone’s favorite memories of him. Also, take the time to tell the honoree your favorite memories of him. Listening to such anecdotes from loved ones can be a sentimental experience for gentlemen who may be dealing with memory loss or cognitive decline. Sharing memories can boost your family relationships by fostering a sense of belonging and feelings of nostalgia. Everyone can feel even closer to each other while making your father feel loved and appreciated.

Your father and other father figures may appreciate tangible gifts for Father’s Day, consider giving him an experience to remember. Time with family and with your undivided attention will go a long way to making the important men in your life feel valued.

At Pure Health Center, we’re your source of support for all the many challenges and celebratory moments of your life. From strengthening family relationships, to dealing with grief and loss, reach out to us to schedule an appointment.

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