Affording Therapy When You’re Depressed

If you’ve found yourself wondering “Do I have depression” right alongside “How much does therapy cost” and wondering how you’ll afford to navigate both, this blog is for you! After learning about and exploring ways of affording therapy, we invite you to learn more about our Chicago-based practice with locations in Arlington Heights, Roscoe Village and downtown Chicago!

Is it time for therapy?

It’s common to feel sadness from time to time as a response to tough times. But being incredibly apathetic or experiencing prolonged sadness can make you ask yourself, “Do I have depression?”. If you experience symptoms associated with depression for weeks at a time, or how you feel impacts your ability to complete daily tasks, you may need to see one of our therapists at our Arlington Heights, Roscoe Village or downtown Chicago locations.

Considering the ups and downs we face as a byproduct of being human, it could be beneficial to see a therapist regularly, even if you aren’t wondering if you do have depression.

Your impending decision about whether to start seeing a therapist may prompt you to ask, “How much does therapy cost with insurance?” or even “How much does therapy cost without insurance?” The question of affording therapy when you’re depressed doesn’t have to cause you to lose hope regarding receiving the treatment you deserve. Thankfully, various treatment and financial options are available for those experiencing mental health challenges.

How Much Does Therapy Cost in Chicago?

Ultimately, therapy costs with or without insurance can rely on several factors:

  • The therapist’s expertise and specialization. A highly trained therapist with years of experience, and one specializing in treating a specific mental health challenge, may charge more than a therapist with less experience and training.
  • Therapy session length. How much therapy costs, with or without insurance, can also depend on how long your session lasts. 90-minute sessions, for example, may be more expensive than our 50-minute sessions.
  • Online vs. offline therapy. Receiving virtual treatment may cost less than going in person. This doesn’t always mean that the cost per session is different, but rather that you are saving time and money in other ways (i.e. not having to take as much time away from work, no commute, or time lost while sitting in traffic).
  • The treatment type you’re receiving. Do you need individual therapy? Couples or group therapy, too? Varying treatment forms and specialized psychiatric services may have different fees.

At PURE Health Center, we offer a number of options that will help you coordinate care with a top-rated Chicago therapist at a location near you!

✓ All of our licensed psychotherapists are in network with Blue Cross Blue Shield PPO and BlueChoice plans

✓ If you have an Out of Network Insurance plan, we will provide a superbill that you can send to your insurance company for reimbursement

✓ We offer the option for self-pay at $175/session

✓ Our graduate interns offer services on a sliding scale from $30-$50/session (Not eligible for insurance reimbursement)

How Much Does Therapy Cost With Insurance (BCBS)?

Determining how you’ll afford therapy can be a major barrier to beginning counseling services in the first place. The good news is that if you have an insurance plan with Blue Cross Blue Shield PPO or a Blue Choice plan, your sessions with a licensed psychotherapist at PURE Healh Center will be covered.

Prior to coming in to your first session, we can always verify your coverage, however if you forgo this step, please note that you are responsible for any portion of your session not covered by insurance.

Initial conversations with your therapist at PURE Health Counseling will include discussions where they’ll answer any questions you have regarding your financial investment and insurance claims. This can help you determine how much therapy costs with insurance and any out-of-pocket costs you may have to pay.

How Much Does Therapy Cost Without Insurance?

In most cases, without insurance, therapy costs more upfront because you’ll have to pay the total cost of treatment. With our licensed psychotherapists, that fee is $175/session. Your out-of-network insurance may reimburse you for a portion of your total therapy cost, but it is incredibly individualized and difficult to share generalized information. A call to your insurance company to determine coverage is the best thing you can do to determine if you can afford therapy in Chicago.

To facilitate this process, clients of PURE Health Center can receive a superbill (a collection of receipts) they can submit to their insurance provider that lets them know how much therapy costs without insurance.

Other things to keep in mind when seeking and affording therapy are:

  • Legally, healthcare providers must give patients without insurance or who aren’t using insurance an estimate of the bill for medical services. This information is provided to clients because an individual’s right to a “Good Faith Estimate” is honored at PURE Health Counseling.
  • Our graduate interns offer therapy at greatly reduced prices on a sliding scale. Session cost with a Chicago pre-licensed therapist ranges from $30-50.

Affording Therapy When You Need It

If you’re seeking therapy without insurance or seeing a therapist who doesn’t accept your insurance, options are still available that can make affording therapy possible. Consider asking your therapist about discounted rates or sliding scale options. Sliding scale options, for instance, can help make therapy affordable because they’re based on the client’s income.

When you’re looking for the best therapist for you, it’s worthwhile to explore other means of affording therapy, even if that means not using insurance, because your in-network options may be extremely limited. When you’re ready to begin the hard work of therapy, you should share your feelings and experiences with someone whose personality and specializations suit your needs and goals. You should go on your healing journey with a mental health care provider you trust and consider a good fit, not just someone listed on your insurance panel.

Begin Affordable Therapy In Chicago for Depression or Other Mental Health Challenges

Through individual, couples, and family counseling at PURE health Center, clients receive care and support that empowers them to identify and use their inner strengths to make the changes necessary for having and enjoying better mental, emotional, behavioral, and interpersonal health.

If you live in or near Chicago—or desire online therapy in Illinois—PURE Health Counseling can provide the solutions to healthily explore and address any issues that impede joy, happiness, productivity, and a sense of purpose.

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