It's Mental Health Awareness Month: 7 Fast Facts

Mental Health Awareness Month kicks off in May! Beginning in 1949, the United States has celebrated Mental Health Awareness Month to increase awareness about the value of taking care of one’s mental health. This movement works to combat stigma, provide support, educate the public, and advocate for policies that support people with mental health challenges.

We have compiled a list of mental health facts and information about our services to illustrate how Pure Health Center approaches mental health treatment and ensures a brighter future for those with mental health illnesses.

1. Over 27 million American adults do not receive treatment for mental health conditions.

However, an American Psychological Association study discovered that 75% of patients who underwent therapy considerably improved after six months. In addition, many of our clients have reported that attending individualized sessions with our compassionate and knowledgeable counselors has increased their self-esteem, confidence, and courage.

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2. A perfect relationship doesn’t exist.

Still, some couples face increased difficulty communicating, resolving conflicts, or identifying unhealthy patterns in their relationships to avoid recurrent issues. As a result, many couples only consider counseling at their most challenging times; however, couples counseling is also helpful during exciting times, such as starting a family or relocating. With our supportive, nonjudgmental counselors, we help couples reinforce the rhythm of their relationship and strengthen it in anticipation of the inevitable challenges that will arise during these life transitions.

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3. There’s more to play therapy than you think.

It is a common misconception that play-based therapy is just an excuse for children to have fun, not that they are benefitting from the experience. However, this could not be further from the truth. Through play, our children can express feelings and thoughts they cannot articulate. In these impactful sessions, children learn how to recognize and handle problems. Our play-based therapists utilize evidence-based therapeutic techniques to develop their social skills and problem-solving abilities and increase their resilience.

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4. Teens benefit from a positive adult relationship in their lives.

Adolescence is a stage in development marked by exploration, impulsiveness, taking risks, setting goals, and strengthening social ties with peers. However, just because the parental relationship is taking a back seat does not mean that teens do not benefit from positive relationships with adults in their lives, especially after the couple of years we’ve had.

COVID-19 proved to be a demanding pandemic for everyone, but teenagers faced more challenges than any age group. For example, when the shelter-in-place mandate went into effect, emergency room visits due to suspected suicide-related concerns among 12- to 17-year-olds grew by 39% compared to those in 2019.

Teen therapists at Pure Health Center provide individualized care for teens to teach them practical ways to manage stress. Moreover, they take the time to listen to and understand each teen, which is particularly important since these are the years when health behavior and habits are formed.

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5. Physical and mental health is often improved when young people participate in sports.

Some teens, however, may also experience anxiety and depression as a result of putting all their energy into succeeding. This pressure is not only from teammates and coaches but also from themselves. Our sports mindset coaching program is tailored specifically for teenagers who fear failing. With her skills as both an athlete and a therapist, our coach helps teenagers address mental blocks, overcome their fear of failure, and discover relaxation techniques to help them reach their full potential.

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6. Only 57% of workers with moderate depression and 40% of those with severe depression received treatment for their symptoms according to the CDC.

Additionally, nearly two out of five Americans have contemplated quitting their jobs because of mental health challenges. Unfortunately, our work ethic as Americans often glorifies long working hours and ignores the negative impacts this has on our mental health and overall well-being (for example, feeling too much pressure to get work done and therefore not having adequate time to see a therapist before or after work). When it comes to maintaining a healthy work environment, we have found that arranging workshops during business hours is the most effective solution. We offer corporate workshops to educate employees about mental health symptoms, identify stress, manage it before it leads to burnout, and engage in mindfulness and meditation.

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7. The emotional and mental health of your therapist DOES matter.

While it’s true that the therapeutic relationship is about you, it’s okay to wonder about the training, experience, and support that your therapist receives. To meet our clients’ needs and ensure the clinical success of our clinicians, Pure Health Center emphasizes exceptional training, quality supervision, and peer consultation. Therefore, we now offer individual consultation and supervision with our experienced licensed clinicians to those looking to gain licensure or advance their careers in private practice.

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In honor of Mental Health Awareness Month, we challenge you to take the first step in prioritizing your mental health, or the mental health of a loved one, by scheduling an appointment with one of our counselors today. For more information about our available services or if you have any questions, please feel free to call us at 312-324-4502 or explore our website.

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