Being a parent is tough

Do you worry constantly about your children? About how a death in the family or an impending separation or divorce will affect the kids? Do you find yourself out of your depth with emotional and behavioral challenges that seem to drain all of your energy?

Parenting is one of the most rewarding experiences life has to offer, but it's also one of the most challenging. As a first-time dad of a newborn or mom to many school-age children, you're facing a unique set of circumstances that can leave you feeling exhausted, overwhelmed, and stretched thin. The demands of caring for young children can be physically and emotionally draining, while balancing the needs of older children can be just as demanding.

Counseling for children & families can help

Counseling can be an effective way to help children and families grow closer and stronger, and develop better insight and understanding of one another. Our Chicago family counseling and children’s counseling services can help to improve communication and understanding within the family, as well as provide a path to growth for all members.

Counseling for children is an important and effective way to provide healing for the entire family. It helps children gain insight into their own thoughts and behaviors, and it helps them to develop the skills necessary to cope with difficult situations. It also provides a safe environment to explore family dynamics and to build healthier relationships.   

When you need some extra support, turn to the experts in child & family counseling.

Common signs that your child may benefit from counseling

Difficulty communicating & resolving conflicts

Shares feelings of anger, resentment, and sadness

Appears overwhelmed, anxious, or stressed

Socially isolated from the family and friends

Difficulties adjusting to changes in the family structure

Problems with school or social activities

Developmental challenges or behavioral issues

Struggling with a traumatic event

Knowing the best way to support your family is tough . . . let us help


How can counseling for children help?

How do I know if we need family therapy sessions?

What should I expect?


Nerves are normal!


Support that works for YOUR family

Play therapy for children

Parenting support

Family mediation

Our specialties

  • ADHD and impulse control
  • Anxiety, OCD and panic
  • Childhood or parental depression
  • Transitions like divorce, new baby, adoption or big moves
  • Trauma
  • Grief and Loss
  • Friendships and relationship changes 
  • Social or emotional adjustment

How involved will I be in my child’s counseling?

Counseling for children often involves parents and families, although the amount may vary depending on your child’s age and the type of counseling you’re seeking. In most cases, your involvement is the key to unlocking your child’s success in counseling.

If your child is receiving focused play therapy or counseling, you may be asked to attend some sessions with your child to help process their experiences and discuss strategies for managing difficult emotions. In family counseling, you may be asked to attend all sessions to ensure that family dynamics are addressed and that everyone’s concerns are heard. Our counselors will discuss with you how involved you should be in your child’s sessions, whether family sessions would be helpful, and how you can best support your child’s progress.

Begin Child & Family Counseling in Chicago Today!

At Pure Health Center, we offer a warm and welcoming environment to explore and develop new ways to come together as a family through our evidence-based treatments. Our family and children’s counseling services can help to improve communication and understanding within the family, as well as provide healing for parents and children.

If you think your family and child may benefit from counseling, contact us today. Our experienced counselors are here to provide a supportive and understanding atmosphere for your family to discuss their concerns and work towards a better future.

Our Child & Family Therapists

Kelly Bucher

Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor

Roscoe Village
Arlington Heights

Michelle Elijah

Licensed Social Worker

West Loop

Esther DeCero

Pre-Licensed Therapist

West Loop
Roscoe Village
Arlington Heights

Paige Harper

Graduate Therapist Intern

Arlington Heights
Roscoe Village

Sidney Bobo

Graduate Therapist Intern

West Loop

Angelica Martinez

Graduate Therapist Intern

West Loop

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